Cement Countertop for Bath

During the attached garage conversion, we were adding a bathroom.  With the rustic cabin theme, we decided to make the vanity and cement the top.   Supplies needed were

  1. pine 4″ X 4″‘s
  2. 2″x4″‘s
  3. our vinegar/steel wool solution
  4. walnut  stain
  5. cement countertop mix from Menards
  6. blue tape and plywood for cement form
cement counter

cement counter

Steve measured the space and built the vanity in the garage.  He used  4″x 4″‘s for the posts and 2″x 4″‘s to build the upper and lower shelf frames.  I wanted a “slat” look like on garden benches so Steve used slats made of 2″ and wider 3.5″ 3/4 boards cut from 1 x 10’s on the table saw.  He used a Kreg pockethole tool to countersink the screws that attach the frame so you couldn’t see any on the outside and so you could get in far enough with 3″ screws.pocket_hole_detail_250

Steve then built an in place form for the countertop.  There is a 3/4″ plywood base and 1″by material on the back wall edge an inch high.  He left the sides so the cement would fill to the wall edge, and temporarily placed a 2 x 4   on the front edge.  the front and back edges served as the screeding surface to level the concrete after it was poured into the form.  He also made a 1 inch form hole for the sink pipes to fit through.  We used a vessel sink and had it there for reference as to the hole size.  I think he mixed a bag and a half all at once outside in a cement tray and brought it in by the bucketful.  We trowelled it a little after is hardened some, but Steve says he wouldn’t do that the next time because it left wierd patterns on the top.  We also tried to sand it to quickly before it was dry enough and it started gouging out the surface.  So we had to add another skim coat to the top.   Luckily it’s pretty forgiving in that you can keep adding skim coats till you like it.  We sealed it with the 511 stone sealer but in the kitchen we need to come up with a food safe sealer to make it not so porous.  

The inside of the form front had blue tape on it instead of melanine so it has a texture that i like instead of being perfectly smooth.  Steve said he would have liked it perfect.  I think it came out great and it hasn’t made any stain marks or anything.