Eagle River Fun!

Once in awhile, we take a break from remodeling . . 

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So, why move to Eagle River?

  • It’s a small town, but big enough for groceries, medical and dental offices, car sales and repair, sporting goods, lumber, farm supply, bakery,  and shops etc.  So we feel like we are in the woods but we can bike ride to town a mile away.
  • Taxes are low even for waterfront compared to other areas
  • We have high speed  5G Charter internet !
  • We have an acre of land and 225 ft. of waterfront on a 28 lake chain
  • We have no mortgage and continue to try to stay debt free  
  • Eagle River is UTV friendly in the city, meaning they are allowed and the utv/snowmobile trail runs right through town.  We can go for a ride out our front drive!
  • There are lots of fun city events, see Eagle River Chamber of Commerce Events