Galvanized pipe creations

How Many things can you make from galvanized pipe?  We haven’t stopped counting yet!  Just measure your space and go to the hardware store pipe section.  You can test fit all the pieces before you buy them, keep them the same size and check which is cheaper black or regular galvanized.  Then spray everything at home after you put it together.  We used Oil rubbed bronze spray paint by Rustoleum.  If you let it dry for at least 4 hours it has less chance of scratching.  Things you paint don’t really cure for about a week.  

Toilet paper holder:0201171242b

How about a Towel bar/Shelf??0201171243a

Let’s see. . .  a tiny sliding barn door!0201171241b

Shelves. . .02011712430201171242

0412161817bOne of the neatest galvanized projects was Steve’s loft ladder.  Initially it was all made of pipe, but it hurt your feet to climb up and down on.  Steve added leftover pieces of the floor decking to each pipe step with the groove biting the pipe and the width table sawed flat and supported by wood underneath:


We decided everything would be spray painted oil rubbed bronze  loft steps


Wood support

A Railing, how about that!  0201171242a

And last but not least. . .a desk made of decking and an old filing drawer:0201171241a 0201171241

Needless to say, once we got started on galvanized, it became a theme!  One that saved us buco bucks!

Here is a link to more ideas on my Pinterest board