Making the Barn Door

Steve made the barn door for our guest room/exercise room.  We made the (4 feet)  large so it feels more like a den when it’s open.  We used leftover floor decking (1 1/2″ thick) and ceiling boards (pine 3/4″ carsiding)  for the middle portions.  We put in 2 panel doors in the house so I wanted the door to be 2 panel also.


Since the boards are all tongue and groove, they were easy to put together after being cut to length for the middle.  The frame is the thicker decking boards so the grooves had to be adjusted on the table saw to fit into the carsiding boards.  Steve added crosspieces to strengthen the horizontal plane.   The boards were wood glued and braced together until dried


Amazon had the best deal on 8 foot Barn door hardware for about $90.  It is a 4 foot door so we needed the 8 foot hardware for it to slide all the way open.  The smaller door hardwares cost about half that much.  He leveled the wall and attached the hardware


We vinegar/steel wooled the door to age it and so the stains would take better.  Let it completely dry first before staining.  Then the poly we use all over the house is Varathane Matte Polyurethane.  It dries really hard and is very washable.  If you would like Steve to send you the plans for making your own barn door go to  For $10, he will supply you with directions and a materials list and expected costs for the project.