We have a new name for the blog!

Welcome to the “Waterfront Reno” blog!  Formerly known as Reviving a Dead House, the cabin is just too cute now for the old name, but we’re not done yet!  We still have to . . . finish the kitchen, remodel the master bath, put on a few more metal roofs, build a shed/gallery/greenhouse, and possibly put a roof over the deck and screen it in.  We don’t want to get bored while we’re lazing by the river just yet.  I guess home renovation has really gotten under our skin, I know it’s at least under our fingernails!  The spring is slowly coming on so we can’t get too much done outside yet, the weather varies from 20 degrees to 55 degrees so we can’t put the boats in the water yet. The frost is not out of the ground so no digging is possible.  

We just bought a pontoon that we hope to recover the seats ourselves to really make it shine.  If this works, maybe we’ll start a business doing that!  If you would like to read more about the cabin changes  go these posts:  Decorating the cabin , Garage turned into Living SpaceRaising the ceiling heightSleeping Loftlet’s build a GARAGE!!!Sistering Rafters, and of course our first post, Home, crap home!