Next Project: Master bath remodel!!!

It’s time for our “Master Bath” remodel to begin  as it does not look very masterly yet.  In fact, it’s a dilapidated throwback to the early 1970’s.  It’s part of the paneling era where the previous owners found yellow and green striped panneling instead of drywall, mauve plush carpeting, a gold shower enclosure, and mismatched cabinetry with plastic doors.  What do you do with plastic doors!  The full size washer and dryer set are in there along with a half wall separating the toilet that sports a wood turned spindle.  Not my favorite design, and the subfloor is degrading because of the washer spin cycle.  

So, first things first, we need to rip out the carpeting and reinforce the subfloor.  I may polyurethane the subfloor until we can decide what to do next.  Here are some great BEFORE pics:

We have an idea of what the master plan should be.  The washer and dryer need to get moved into the closet because right now you really have to walk around them to get to the toilet and it makes the room skinnier like a galley bathroom.  We need to leave the sink and shower in the same place to reduce plumbing costs.    We’ll keep you posted!

Cement countertop for bath